About Me

I am Jason Shipman, a software engineer working in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. You may reach me via any of the links here. I have lived in Florida all my life and studied Computer Science at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. My professional experience ranges from personalized realtime advertising, underwater acoustics/radar sensor development for flight simulation, and both undergraduate- and graduate-level tutoring at UCF.

I love programming and prefer writing in statically-typed languages. Functional programming has captivated my interest since I first was exposed to it circa 2011 and meshes nicely with how I think about problems. My favorite language is currently Haskell. Haskell is purely functional and a joy to write. In the imperative corner, I also enjoy (perhaps surprisingly) slinging C++ now and again.

I have long been a member of the Cult of Vi(m).

Music is an important part of my life too. I am a huge hiphop head and often bump Aesop Rock, Brother Ali, Ceschi, and MF DOOM to name a few. If I'm not listening to hiphop, it is usually Björk, experimental rock, jazz, or a few of the innumerable metal genres. My favorite album is The Glowing Man by experimental rock group, Swans.

Anime is a lot of fun too! Slice of life, drama, and romance are my favorite genres.